Case against Coming Out’s director terminated by the appeal court

Today, August 14, 2013, Vasileostrovsky disctrict court of St. Petersburg annulled the lower court’s decision to fine the director of the LGBT organization Coming Out the maximum amount of 300 000 rubles for violating the law on "foreign agents.”

District Court judge Rumyantsev pointed to the fact that the magistrates’ court judge did not independently establish the facts of the alleged violations, but simply copied the prosecutor’s charges.  In addition, he pointed out that the period of limitation for instituting administrative proceedings against the director of "Coming Out" has expired (on July 30). As a result, the district court found the lower court’s decision subject to cancellation and the proceedings against the director – subject to termination.

"We welcome the fact that there are still judges able to impartially and objectively examine a case against such an “unpopular” organization as an LGBT rights organization. However, we continue to keep our finger on the pulse, because the prosecution can still protest the judgment, as was demonstrated by the experience of ADC "Memorial.” - says Coming Out’s Legal Aid program coordinator, Kseniya Kirichenko.

Taken together with the District Court’s July 25 decision to send the organization’s case back for re-trial, Coming Out gained some breathing room, but its fate remains undecided.

Coming Out's interests were represented by lawyers Dmitry Bartenev and Sergei Golubok.

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