State Duma deputy Alexander Zhuravlev, member of “United Russia” party, prepared amendments to Family Code that allow the state to take away parental rights for engaging in homosexual relations. We may derive consolation from the thought that this initiative won’t be approved now due to its obvious absurdity, and legal complications in proving the fact of homosexuality of the parent. After all, deputy Elena Mizulina’s (“Fair Russia” political party) idea of removing children from homosexual families (initially all children, later – adopted only) did not catch on.

Nevertheless, we consider the fact that such an initiative could be developed and put forth to be evidentiary of cruel harassment of LGBT families. Politicians, endowed with power to guarantee safety and well-being of citizens, chose the most vulnerable social group – minorities with children – as their target. Yesterday, President Putin said that he awards gay people with medals and honors for achievements in arts and work. But no number of awards say anything about the level of tolerance towards minorities, and no honors for famous individuals guarantee equal rights for all LGBT in the country.  

We are convinced that the best evidence of tolerance towards LGBT people today can be a public apology from “United Russia” for debasing LGBT citizens and same-sex families with children with discriminatory statements and legislative initiatives, followed by repeal of such legislation, and further treatment of LGBT as equal in rights and dignity to all citizens of Russia.

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