Russian Faith Holders, Policemen, and War Veterans against Homophobia

 LGBT organization "Coming Out" and launched a photo-campaign against thе federal "homosexual propaganda" bill. Anyone opposing the bill can send a photo of themselves, protesting against homophobia. To this day, people of all walks of life took part in the campaign: faith holders and war veterans, a worker and medical psychologist, a teacher and a policeman, as well as dozens of gays, lesbians and their friends and family, who take a stand against the homophobic law.

Champions of morality and the "children's rights advocates" in Russia have consistently indicated that Russian society is traditionally against homosexuals. Authors of the campaign ask the question: is this true? Does the Russian society really believe gays and lesbians should be persecuted?

"The opinion of society regarding gays and lesbians is not as unambiguously negative, as the state is desperately trying to show. But this distorted view allows aggressive "pseudo-Christians" beat LGBT protesters, while the police does nothing, as it happened in Moscow and Voronezh," said Olga Lenkova, communications manager of Coming Out."
We believe that among priests, teachers, and soccer fans, there are people who understand the absurdity of the law, but their point of view is simply unpopular with authorities.  We want to give these people a chance to speak out.
The "propaganda" bill was up for first reading on December 19, 2012, then postponed to January 22nd, and postponed again to January 25. LGBT organizations and activists all over Russia are protesting against the homophobic bill. The Russian LGBT Network is conducting a nation-wide campaign:

Poster sais: "I am medical psychologist and I am against homophobia"

Poster sais: "I am Christian and I am against homophobia"

Poster sais: "I am a Polciman and I am against homophobia, but in our country I can't say it openly"

Poster sais: "I am a teacher and I am against homophobia"

Poster sais: "I am Catholic and a mother, this is why I am against homophobia"

All campaign photos are available at

Post-release of project Campaign against the homophobic law

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