How not to fall victim of a “fake date” extortion

Instruction leaflet from coming out lgbt group lawyers «How not to fall victim of a «fake date» extortion.

This concerns every user of the Internet. The number of assaults in the gay community has increased. Among the reasons, there is everyday homophobia, desire of easy gain (criminals are sure that their victims will not seek help from law enforcement, afraid of revealing their sexual orientation), easy access to the victim. At the same time, when meeting these criminals online, assault victims often provide them (the people they don’t know and have never seen) with personal information, which is later used against them.

This instruction provides information on how to avoid becoming a victim on the first date. Be careful! And if you became a victim of an assault, seek help from the law enforcement or LGBT organizations (contact information inside).

Saint-Petersburg, 2017. 4 pages. File size — 172 KB.

Instruction leaflet, 2017 (pdf)

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