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One of the largest LGBT pride events of Russia, Queer Fest 2015, today opened successfully and is set for the next ten days of events.


For the seventh time QueerFest in St. Petersburg speaks out against xenophobia in all its forms. To make its statement, the festival chooses the most peaceful and constructive, but at the same time precise and sharp format - the language of social art.

"Throughout the year, as an LGBT activist I feel isolated and feel the need to make extra efforts to show that we are a part of society. QueerFest is the time when the feeling of mutual support and solidarity amongst different groups of society overwhelms me. It's the "doorway" in our work to something more understood, accessible, shared with everyone," says Anna Anisimova, QueerFest's coordinator.

Ahead of us are 9 days of events, all of which will take place in an open, public format. Please join us or follow us online at

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