Coming Out is launching a World Cup Hotline

The World Cup is coming soon. Although Russia promises to demonstrate a high level of tolerance and security, foreign football organizations warn LGBT fans that there are no laws in Russia that would protect them against potential manifestations of intolerance. No matter how tense the situation might be, "Coming Out" will try to ensure the safety of LGBT people in St. Petersburg for both residents and tourists. During the Championship our lawyers and psychologists will be ready to help if necessary. If you need help, please call the hotline: + 7 953 170 97 71, or email


300 LGBT celebrated IDAHOT under open St.Petersburg skies

Today, the unexpected happened! Over 300 LGBT people and allies celebrated the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia on Marsovo pole, the picturesque field in the center of Saint Petersburg; unimpeded, and under police protection.  This became the first successful LGBT public rally since at least the beginning of 2016,  when the situation with freedom of assembly for LGBT people sharply deteriorated.


"Coming Out" Took Back Marsovo Pole

The action completed successfully. We wanted to test the response of the police, whether they would act within the law. There were no detentions. Such a result is important not only for LGBT activists, but for all citizens of the city.


Happy Holidays!

Dear partners, colleagues, friends! Coming Out LGBT group would like to wish you happy upcoming holidays - Christmas and New Year!


Freedom of assembly in St. Petersburg is game of cat and mouse

As opposed to the previous two years, this year, the situation with freedom of assembly sharply deteriorated in St. Petersburg, Russia. Marsovo Pole, the Hyde Park of St. Petersburg, is supposed to be the place where public rallies can be organized. All one needs to do is notify the administration. But in reality, the administration is using all possible loopholes to violate activists rights to freedom of assembly in a game of "cat and mouse".

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