“Coming out” prepared a report on the situation of LGBT * people in St. Petersburg


According to our research data, LGBT * people often face various types of discrimination based on homophobia or transphobia. Homophobia and transphobia lead to layoffs, loss of home or income. At the same time, law enforcement agencies are often inactive in such cases, and they themselves can become a source of threat for LGBT * applicants.

The study involved 1225 people. Almost 20% of them faced threats (in 2019 there were 16%), and 72 people faced physical violence. Almost 40% of respondents have faced insults and harassment on the basis of SOGIE. 181 people reported domestic violence in 2020. 84 people became victims of the outing.

The global problem of 2020 - the coronavirus pandemic - has caused significant damage to the St. Petersburg LGBT * communities. The respondents note a particularly large scale of economic and psychological difficulties. 60% of respondents indicated a deterioration in the psychological state in connection with the pandemic.

Transgender people are particularly vulnerable. For the third year in a row, our survey data show that the income level of transgender respondents is lower than the average for the sample. More than half of all transgender survey participants (62%) earn less than 30 thousand rubles a month. In addition, they are often denied access to services, including medical care, and it is more difficult for them to find work and rent a place to live.

Since our massive survey is being conducted for the third year in a row, we may note some trends. A gradual increase in the number of people who are open to the majority of those around them (and, accordingly, a reduction of completely closed people) can be classified as positive. In addition, the most positive trend over three years is the constant growth in the number of those who assess their environment as friendly towards LGBT * people.

However, despite of this, the number of people facing threats of physical violence motivated by homophobia or transphobia is increasing every year. This may be a consequence of the increasing openness of LGBT * people, as well as the radicalization of homophobic and transphobic sentiments among the shrinking conservative part of society.

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