IFED Celebration Saint-Petersburg 2017, Russia


День равенства семей

Soon in lots of countries of the world the IFED will be celebrated (International Family Equality Day).

What is this celebration about? This holiday is about LGBTI-parents' pride, it's about their love to their children and partners, it's about the equal quality and the equivalency of the LGBTI-FAMILIES as well as the hetero ones, in the whole world.

Since the previous year, the LGBTI-FAMILIES of Russia have joined the celebration.From one point of view, the reality being difficult for the LGBTI-FAMILIES in Russia, children and their parents become vulnerable. From the other one, our families have one special point to be proud of- being LGBTI- families in Russia, which is great challenge for the reality.The outstay challenge.That is why this day (IFED) is acquiring its great significance in Russia. It is declaring that families exist in some special conditions, declaring that people will never stop believing, creating and making love.Love, regardless everything. Because love is the mover of life.

This year the topic of the LGBTI-FAMILIES is the main one of the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. (IDAHOT MAY17). So, two of the bright events for LGBTI-communities are somehow united into a strong sense - love each other, and never give up.

The framework of the IFED will consist of several events organized by "Coming​ Out" such as:

1) The discussion meeting about adopting and guardianship of children by the LGBTI-families.(May 6/ligovsky prospekt(ligovsky avenue),87, 3rd floor) The start at 15:00. 18+

2) Discussion meeting "Gay-fatherhood" and Trans*-parentship (May 7/ ligovsky prospekt(ligovsky avenue),87, 3rd floor) The start at 15:00. 18+

3)The celebration of the IFED (May 8) for LGBTI-parents( with the initiative group of Rainbow Future). Information on that point is available through contacting the ​‘Rainbow families’ programme coordinator​ - ​Yose​f​ ​K​ristian 

We are waiting for you in our events! In case you need more information, please contact the coordinator of the Rainbow F​amilies program​ ​- Yose​f Kristian.

Taking photos and video-shooting is forbidden. The organizators of the event have a right to refuse to let you take part in the event without any explanations of the reason.​