The former head of the psychological service of Coming Out was declared Foreign Agent


Last Friday, the Ministry of Justice published another list of foreign agents. Maria Sabunayeva, a former employee of Coming Out, was included in it along with Ekaterina Shulman, Yuri Dud, Karen Shainyan and others.

Maria is a psychologist with extensive experience, the author of many books and brochures on topics related to the psychological problems of LGBT people, including the publications of the Coming Out.

Maria Sabunayeva:

I used to work in LGBT organizations recognized as foreign agents (in Coming Out and in the Russian LGBT Network). Apparently that was enough: we were paid from grants (since it was impossible to get support for LGBT people in Russia), and any mention of the rights of any group was already considered political activity.

However, this coincides with my feminist optics, where the personal is political, although the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation was clearly not based on this.

In a way, this is, of course, a badge of honor. The list of foreign agents includes wonderful people on the side of democracy and respect for human rights. But it would be nicer if our merits were recognized in not this way.

Now I have to sort out some kind of reporting on where I spend money (spoiler: on the life of my family, buying food, medicines, rent, transport and other terribly political expenses). Instead of spending time with the child, I need think about suing the Ministry of Justice for exclusion from the register, although my human rights position here is as follows: as long as this register exists, I am ready to be in it, because it is not about me, but about the fact that this list should not exist at all, it is a shame for the country! Probably, these answers of mine should also be marked as political statements of a foreign agent. So be it!".