[2015] Strategic Litigation as a Method for Defending and Advancing Rights of LGBT People

This brochure describes the strategic litigation efforts of “Coming Out” LGBT Group of St.
Petersburg, Russia, from 2012 to 2015.

The brochure offers concrete examples of the cases we have conducted, as well as those
we are continuing to work on. They cover the six major, particularly relevant problems for
the LGBT community: hate crimes, hate speech, freedom of assembly, the laws banning 'gay
propaganda', discrimination in employment, and changing the identifcation documents of
transgender individuals.

For each problem, the brochure provides examples of court cases and includes descriptions
of the cases, quotations from the petitioners and attorneys involved, excerpts from the
courts' decisions and other ofcial documents, statistical information, recommendations of
international human rights organizations, etc.

Contents of the book:

- Hate Crimes
- Hate Speech
- No Promo Homo Laws
- Freedom of Assembly 40
- Discrimination in Employment
- Legal Gender Recognition

St. Petersburg, 2015. 69 pages. File size - 1.55 MB.

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