[2021] Report on the situation of the LGBT* people in Saint Petersburg in 2020

This report is the result of the research carried out by Coming Out LGBT initiative group’s monitoring program in 2020. We collect data on cases of discrimination and violence on grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression to show the current situation with LGBT* rights in Russia.


Demographic Portrait of Survey Participants
— Level of Openness and the Social Circles of Respondents
— Risks and Self-restrictions 
Economic Situation of LGBT* People
— Income Level
— Structure of Earnings
— Attitudes Towards Sex Work
— Situation in the Spheres of Labor and Education
Health of LGBT* People
— Discrimination in the Healthcare services
— Substance Use
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— Hate-motivated Physical Abuse and Assault
— Threats and Threatening Behavior
— Sexual Violence
— Property Damage and Theft
— Domestic Violence
— Set-up Dates and Blackmail
— Outing
Interactions with Law Enforcement Authorities
Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on LGBT* Communities

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