[2016] Report on incidents of discrimination and violence on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity in 2015 in Saint Petersburg, Russia

The report examines cases of human rights abuses faced by LGBT persons in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 2015: homophobic physical attacks, incidents of hate speech and insults, violations of the right to freedom of assembly, workplace and employment discrimination, violence and discrimination against transgender persons, and violations of family rights.

The research is based on 122 incidents documented by Coming Out’s monitoring program, which constitute both "classical" human rights abuses (where the abuser is a representative of a government authority), and cases of discrimination in everyday life by private individuals, organizations, medical clinics, etc.

Sections of the report:

- Review of the Situation of LGBTQI Persons in Russia in 2015;
- Hate crimes;
- Failure to Recognize LGBT as a Social Group;
- Physical Assaults on LGBT Activists During LGBTQI Public Events;
- Physical Assaults on LGBT Persons Unconnected to Public Events;
- Assaults on Setup Dates;
- Hate Speech and Insults;
- Restricted Freedom of Assembly;
- Workplace Discrimination in Education;
- Harassment and Dismissals of Educational Workers as a Result of Homophobic Persecution;
- Harassment and Workplace Discrimination in Education Based on Sexual Orientation as a Result of Prejudice;
- Discrimination and Violence against Transgender Persons;
- Limited Family Rights.

Saint-Petersburg, 2016. 90 pages. File size - 560 KB.

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