[2016] Exhibitions catalogue “QUEERFEST 2009-2016”

Every year QUEERFEST organizes photo exhibitions; they become the festival’s foundation for building up other events, creating its mood, uncovering its topic.

A photo exhibition is a straight talk in the language of art which arouses feelings of the audience. It helps to immerse into, and empathize with, the experience of others and to recall their own as well through the use of visual tools. 

Furthermore, history of the photo exhibitions itself is a demonstration of history of the Russian LGBT communities: such difficulties as venue obstructions and aggressive attacks on the festival visitors do not always allow to cover the projects sufficiently or to get them displayed at all (for example, in 2014, none of the three projects was exhibited due to consistent pressure on the venues; in 2015, we managed to display only two out of four after the approved venue refused us and we had to change the location). Therefore, the photo projects got more valuable and more important for us, and we would like to present them in retrospect of all the years of QueerFest existence for all who are interested.

Saint-Petersburg, 2016. 18 pages. File size - 3,2 MB.

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