[2016] Collection of personal stories Seeing the Invisible

Seeing the Invisible is the slogan of QueerFest 2016, and also the topic of the personal stories collection, which invites its readers to reflect on gender, sexuality, nationalism, sexism, social pressure, and hierarchies.

The main topic of the issue are borders and their crossings. There are orders between big cities and small towns in the story by Nastya Sulim from Belarus; a border checkpoint between Tajikistan and Russia in Komils text; it is a border between a Soviet person and a Western person in the article by Masha from Austria. (Queer-)resettlement, (queer-)migration, and (queer-)fleeing have always been a part of human history, and in this collection this topi speaks loud and clear.

There is a topic of crossing the border between identities or claiming them nonexistent, resistance to the gender binary system within todays present sexual identities in Sashas essay. There are challenging things that seem to be unshakable such as national and cultural identity in Ayman Ackfords story about the way person crosses borders established by the features of ones neurotype thus physical borders merge with personal borders, which are also being questioned.
Graphics by the artist Kondratiy Chvatit, odd and full of hidden sense, can make you feel delightful, annoyed, or maybe stimulate you thinking about your own borders.

Saint-Petersburg, 2016. 25 pages. File size - 16,4 MB.