[2015] Postcards "Artefacts"

World history lacks mentions of LGBT: history of "other" people opens itself up only to a curious, searching glance.

"Artefacts", an international sociocultural project created in 2014, attempts to write history of LGBT communities into the world context. The postcards introduce the reader to the life of LGBT from the first person: contemporaries from various parts of the country tell about themselves. The project was implemented in Sweden and Vietnam, and at the end of 2015 will be launched in Russia and Cambodia. The Russian version will be launched at the opening of the international LGBT rights festival QueerFest.

The cards display ordinary things that became symbols of unordinary personal stories. Intimate feelings and fragments of biographies have been carefully documented -- not only to preserve them from oblivion but to tell about global matters through the local and personal. One postcard, one story -- is one more step to understanding the life that goes on nearby: that of your colleague, a relative, or a schoolmate.

Saint-Petersburg, 2015. 28 pages. File size - 32,6 MB.

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