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One of the focuses of Coming Out work is documenting of discrimination of LGBT in St Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast.

We collect and systematize information about violation of rights of LGBT in St Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast in order to use this data in fighting for our rights.

Systematized documented data (it is also anonymized, i.e. without any victims personal data) is included into the Annual Report by the Human Rights Ombudsman in St Petersburg, reports of human rights organizations as well as the report about the situation with LGBT in Russia by the Russian LGBT Network. Collected data is also used in work with public authorities, media and wide audience.

Please, tell us about cases of violation of your rights!

What can it be? Maybe
- You experienced physical violence or insults based on your sexual orientation or gender identity;
- You have been denied a workplace because of your sexual orientation or non-conformity of your passport gender with your appearance;
- You have been terminated a rental agreement with after getting to know that you live with a partner of the same sex as you;
- You have been denied a possibility to hold a public event or a demonstration because of the homosexual propaganda law;
- You have been expelled from a university after your participation in LGBT events and much more.

Tell us about discrimination:
- Fill in the form (see below);
- Call us at +7 (812) 242 54 69, +7 (921) 380 72 80 (ask for Jonny Dzhibladze);
- Write us at

Only together we can stop violence do not be silent!
More about the Documenting of Discrimination program.



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